The Techy Tantrika, where Tech and Art meet Tantra

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My name is Devika and I'm a Tantric Sex and Singles Relationship Coach. An important part of my work lies in showing how our sexual energy and creative energy are on in the same.
No, scratch that, ALL life force energy is one in the same.
Nevertheless, discussing how our 'sacral' energy is both sexual and creative is an important part of my work. Sacral energy resides in the pelvis/womb. This alone may assist people who aren't familiar with the chakra system in recognizing why this 'energy house' in the body houses our creative and sexual energy.
I feel one could also be so moved by art that it can feel exhilarating. As a performer and lover of art, I like to bring awareness to this feeling.
Find me on YouTube under "The Techy Tantrika" and you'll find I have a playlist called "Artgasms".


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