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Alzheimer’s is one small sub type of Dementia. Dementia is a broad label for cognitive loss with many varied behavior changes. There is no one physical syndrom or one cause. While researchers try to find the one cure for dementia or any one label of a type of Dementia that fact will likely remain that the human brain is too complex to fully understand. We have made strides in understanding the causes of Dementia and in my mind what I have learned is we know less than we think. For example the standard test answer of what is the most common cause of dementia is Alzheimers type dementia. That is good for fundraising but in fact when the early science was done they did not have cat scan or Mri to look for small strokes. Indeed, normal aged people with mild memory loss who live full lives as active grandparents will have “ubo” unidentified bright spots on Mri suggesting some vascular or unknown process. Aging and life are expected and should be embraced if all want to live life to the fullest. While I am a scientist I also am a clinition. Science needs to continue or we would not know Alzheimers dementia might not be the most common type but we can also re focus on treatment to treating the person, the emotioal health of families and the broader care giving system. The best, most cost effective, care is from the direct interactions of those people around you. That is true for well people and those with Dementia. Medicine, society needs to re focus on caring for people, the entire person and valuing individuals and the care system around them. Continuity of care is the cure for the individual and global health care crisis. Research and medicine are great tools but humans will always have feelings, family, social connections that will be directly involved in the final expression of all medical labels and life! Share your views at tlcsr.com/blog Like, share, make this viral together we can make a difference.


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