Alchemy Astrology Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone

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A how-to handbook that's great for beginners to learn basic astrology especially for use in laboratory alchemy.

This is for laboratory alchemists and anyone who wants to follow the basic astrological influences as described in alchemical astrology. For instance, distillations that are started when Moon is in Virgo (sidereally), especially on an Active day, can require less resources in a shorter amount of time (duration). Whether your equipment is powered by electricity, solar rays, wood fire, or other means of applying heat, you'll find you get a better return for your effort. Also, I have found in general that the products started during these Active times are stronger.


  • @timawilk Tim Wilkerson
    Alchemist, astrologer, and instructor. Author of, Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone, a practical laboratory handbook for modern alchemists.
  • @cosmicwx Alchemy Astrology
    Tim Wilkerson, author of the handbook Alchemy Astrology: Lost Key To The Philosopher's Stone.


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