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"My Motivation and Drive would be Community, Passion, Willingness, Excitement, Challenges, Family and the Success of Results to better the future for all my clients." - Alan Kuss.
Alan in his spare time enjoys camping, taking the family out four-wheel driving and wakeboarding in the summer.
Alan was born and bred in South East Queensland and has lived in the suburbs of Shailer Park, Gold Coast, Edens Landing and Tamborine. Starting out as an apprentice carpenter straight out of school, Alan worked with Windaroo's top builder for many years in Long Island and surrounding estates on the golf course, building some on the most beautiful and top-quality homes in the area. Alan also had is own construction company soon after, building all over South East Queensland for Metricon Homes, Australia's most loved building company. Alan also had many different careers, ranging from Retail Customer Service to State Account Manager, having well over 1500 clients gave Alan a broad range of skills which were brought to each and every new challenge that arose.
Being young Alan also brings a fresh, exciting, and upbeat feel to every part of life. In a social media focussed time, being young, understanding and exploring the new possibilities is key. But with his new way of thinking, Alan has also been brought up with the old school way of training with respect being the number one attribute.
These life skills and upbringing has built Alan into the person he is today. Alan makes your sale his personal mission and will work tirelessly to achieve an advanced result for you. He believes that you home deserve a custom marketing approach that will highlight the uniqueness of your property and will make it stand out.
Alan has a platinum customer service approach with the goal to fight for the best possible outcome for his clients, but Alan's passion will go past the sale to make sure the client is settled and happy for life's next challenge.
If you are looking for that agent that is passionate, ambitious, enthusiastic and will stand out from the rest - give Alan a call today. (0435 749 921)


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