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A 112 page bible for the aspiring guitar player! This book takes the absolute beginner on a journey from holding the guitar all the way to rhythm and lead playing, creating searing and memorable solos and rhythm parts and figuring out any song you want to learn! Stage 1 - Holding the guitar, open strings rhythm and fretting exercises Stage 2 - Basic chords and strumming patterns, introduction to the 12 bar blues Stage 3 - More advanced rhythms, minor and suspended chords, dynamics Stage 4 - Movable chord shapes and the chromatic scale Stage 5 - Rock Essentials! Power chords, rock rhythm guitar tricks, 12 bar boogie patterns, minor and major pentatonic scales Stage 6 - Soloing secrets - how to improvise Stage 7 - Basic music theory: Major and minor scales, harmonising, the Nashville Numbering System, the CAGED system. Stage 8 - How to learn songs, recognising structures, common chord sequences, key etc.


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