Minister Judge Yahweh Daviyd Ben ~ Intergalactic Global Engineer for nightly telesummits

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Celestial Federation of Yahweh #telesummit for nightly conference programs...
when you press 5*, the intergalactic call to your subconscious mind is made by our humble, meek and gregarious SJE Yahweh Yahweh Yahweh to introduce yourself to the world ~ "You're On The Air Yahweh"!!! However he is just one of many celestial engineers for our early morning, noon day and nightly broadcasts ~ SJE Yahweh is joined by High Priest Yahweh for our #YahwehNoonDayTrafficJam , #YahwehsQuietStorm and #TheConfessionsShow, Queen Yahweh Sarah Ecter for our #LetsTalkYahweh broadcast, Priestess Yahweh Hadassah for our #ThursdayNightLoveConnection and #PhysicianHealThyself, Colonel Yahweh Boaz for #CFYGenesis101HostedByColonelBoaz, Captain Yahweh Zahab for #CFYYourDestiny broadcast, Queen Yahweh Bawraw for #CFYTheDoor and #CFYBusinessConnections, Priest Yahweh Shemuwel for #YahwehBeThyName
among a few wonderful minds support our global efforts to fill the earth with the Knowledge of Yahweh!!!

857.232.0476, access#333937




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