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Connecting aspiring singers with record label executives every Wednesday at 4pm ET live via Blab (blab.im/engagethegoteam).

Subscribe to our World's Next Music Star show on Blab to sing & receive coaching from top record label executives. blab.im/engagethegoteam


  • @engagethegoteam Go-Team Media
    The Engagement Agency, where the A-Team turns for help! - Our Brand Is Disruptive #Community #Content #Conversations
  • @justinshukat Justin Shukat
    Husband. Father. President @primarywave Music. Sneakerhead. Music publisher. Manager. Sports fan and BBQ grill master.
  • @evanduby Evan Duby
    Real Estate Broker @DouglasElliman. #manabouttown on YouTube. Fine Purveyor of @goldentonepop with @paulloren. Manhattan Born | Brooklyn Based.
  • @goldentonepop Five & Dime Records
    Brooklyn based analog addicted #vinyl record label. Fine Purveyor of #goldentonepop. Home of Mr. #Leisurely Himself, @PaulLoren
  • @BrophE Ed B.
    Entertainment podcaster/producer - #ProductReviews - #SocialMedia Dude - I never mince my words, only garlic! - Profile sketch by @karolien1008


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