Women In Medicine Summit

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In 2019, we are planning a Women In Medicine Summit that will be held over the course of 2 days, Sep 20-21. The conference is being developed by a steering committee comprised of physicians from each major academic institution in the Chicago area, with sponsorship from both local and national organizations. We have already received endorsements from the AMA, AMWA, ACP, Illinois State Medical Society, and we have several members of the ACS on the steering committee and we are hoping they will also agree to endorse, and potentially co-sponsor this event. The Association of Women Surgeons has also agreed to endorse the event and is looking at sponsorship options.

During the two-day summit, we will facilitate a consensus-driven agenda with breakout sessions and presentations by diverse women from various specialties and institutions to deliver evidence-based talks and present tools and solutions to be utilized in working towards fixing the system and closing the gender gap across all specialties in medicine. We want to empower women physicians with the tools they need towards changing the system at their home institutions and in their specialty-specific organizations.


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