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Live a miraculous life beyond your wildest dreams even before you get to heaven! What if you could climb out of your rut and break through every barrier that stands between you and the brightest possible future God has envisioned for you? Imagine never again feeling restless or confined but instead moving forward in fulfillment of His extraordinary plan for your life! Gary Morris, lead pastor of Life Church, draws insights from the Book of Joshua, other Old and New Testament Scripture, and his own experiences as he encourages you to seek and take hold of the inspired and inspirational life God has in store for you. In this book, you'll learn: -How to be strong and courageous when the odds seem stacked against you.
-What you can do about the things you can do nothing about.
-How your finest hour can be when you are flat on your face.
-How hijacking God's vision for your life can leave you spinning your wheels
-How to let your hindrance know who.
The 3 elements necessary for a miraculous outcome PLUS the workbook sections will assist you in finding and pursuing God's vision for your life! God has something better for you than what you are experiencing right now. It's time for the life of your dreams to become a reality! Pick up your copy NOW and start living your brightest future!


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