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Our mission is to be a leading manufacturer in the home fragrance industry by offering premium quality products that exceed our customers' expectations. Our commitment is to continuously improve our products, to enhance the lifestyles of our customers and our employees, and to support our community. Through teamwork and collaboration, we challenge ourselves to deliver sustainable growth and financial returns that achieve this mission. We will provide a safe, positive, and inclusive environment that is a source of passion, pride, and inspiration. Every Village Candle® is handcrafted in Maine using the highest quality wax and the finest fragrance oils available.Our commitment to pure, true-to-life fragrances sets our scented candles apart. Every Village Candle® fragrance is tested extensively for purity to ensure that our essences are inviting, comforting and never overpowering. .
Village Candle® offers a full spectrum of candle colors to complement every décor. Our candle quality shines brightly with deep, pure colors that pull a room together before you even light them.
When it comes to creating cozy home environments, Village Candle® lights the way with styles that complement every décor. Our Candle Collections offer a range of fragrances and styles. Discover a complete selection of fragrances and styles to meet your home decorating and personal needs.

**We are the orignator of the Dual Wick Technology!
Our customers call our wicks "The Magic Wicks" We have earned this title through the years, and our customers have coined this phrase because our candles burn so clean and efficiently.
We take pride in recognizing and fullfiling the need for consistent burning, affordable, quality candles that will provide undeniable cozy ambiance to every home. We have been helping you decorate your homes with fragrance for generations, past and present and we thank you now for the opportunity to continue for the many generations to come.


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