Gagan Sarkaria, Founder & CEO

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I teach young adults, focused professionals and growing organizations how to Unfold their Success so they can Raise their benchmarks, Exceed their targets and Inspire their teams. I am a certified, licensed and experienced speaker, coach, trainer and author with strategic communications, sales, & branding as my expertise.

Unfold Your Success, an elite training and development company assists in elevating businesses by offers coaching, consulting and courses along with tools, trainings, and tune-ups that are strength-based, growth-focused, and success-driven.

At the core of everything: I am an Edu-Solver-Gist (a blend of an educator, creative problem-solver, and branding strategist) that assists professionals and organizations to DIG Deep and Get Unfolded. I love to strategically fold and score mindsets, behaviors, and skill sets to achieve unique transformational results! I build people and personal brands. I love to fold and score mindsets, behaviors, and skill sets to achieve unique transformational results. Just like in origami, one would take a flat two-dimensional piece of paper to fold and score it, over a few steps to then create a beautiful, transforming three-dimensional paper object like a lotus flower. To grow people, to build them, one has to go through origami-steps-like plan to accomplish transformational results.

Looking forward to getting to know what you are passionate about, and what makes YOU tick!


Inspire to be the Change!

Raise your benchmarks! Exceed your targets! Inspire your teams!

www.GaganSarkaria.com // www.UnfoldYourSuccess.com
Inspire to be the Change | Speaking, Coaching, Training, Communications & Branding | From Murky Waters to Significant Blossom | Unfold Your Strengths for Unstoppable Success


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