What Defines Excellence in Latino Blogging and Vlogging #TeclaAwards Twitter Chat

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1) What is influence and what makes someone influential?
2) Do you consider yourself an influencer, why?
3) Who are the top three influencers that inspire you?
4) What is your favorite and most effective social media platform and Why? (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+)
5) What tools ( if any) do you use to measure influence?
6) Are numbers the only way to measure influence? What are other ways you measure influence?
7) What are three things every blogger/vlogger should do to show professionalism when working with brands/agencies?
8) How do you manage balance between sponsored and personal content?
9) How do you connect with your followers?
10) How do you increase traffic to your site?
11) What is your main goal as a blogger/vlogger for 2015?


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