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A Tactician is someone skilled at coming up with tactics: the specific means of materialising the vision. Think of it as the fun part, "The How & The Who" that underpins strategic planning.

SMEs regularly as for my help as I provide the tactical know-how to help them materialise their vision for business growth, through promoting what they do live on the event floor.

The way I do this is to take them on a journey. A journey from overwhelm to over-the-moon by coming up with tactics that are fun, creative, engaging and, importantly, a joy to implement.

As we progress through their marketing campaign their enthusiasm to do business grows, they have renewed vigor, convert more enquiries into sales, and provide a service that has clients and customer spreading the word about how great it is to buy from or do business with them.

So, if you are new to business, or what your doing is working but not fast enough, or maybe you need to realign your marketing model, please get in touch and I will explain what to do to renew your vigor.


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