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When we say stop feeding the beast. The beast being the criminal justice system. It's been about over 40 years since Los Angeles expose the world to Blood and Crips(the california cancer). this cancer has spreaded throughout the United States like a wildfire and is destroying communities of color. This cancer somehow is still so attractive to our youth even when the stats shows the end result of such choices to be Death or Land in the criminal justice system(the Beast). If communities of color could just eradicate this one big thing call gangs and gang violence then law enforcement will be forced to Start laying officers off, it would begin to deter tax dollars from funding to these institutions that hyper surveillance our communities. It could potentially have a greater effect than just rolling over and taking it. It will cause the breakdown of other system that profit from gang violence either directly or indirectly like healthcare, social service, retail, fire departments and politicians who use the urban violence to gain political votes. Putting an end to all forms of gang violence will save our communities and our childrens future..whats so interesting about gangs is that they pay no mortgages, have no equity in the areas they claim to be there's. So this age old mantra "this is my hood blood/cuz, becomes so irrelevant, and insignificant. It is unhealthy of the people who allow these violent organizations to terrorize their neighborhoods/streets especially when they don't have any financial ties to the block/street they claim. I wish I could give gangs the benefit of the doubt. If they were producing goods and service to the communities they stake claim to and help build up the community, but that's not the case anymore. For far to long we have conditioned ourselves to the notion that it is okay to live like this. To allow our children to instill a form subtle fear in the heart of their fellow man. When do we as communities of color say ENOUGH! Not going to take it anymore. Not only are we losing our families to gang violence but to the BEAST(criminal justice system). this not only bankrupts us emotionally but also spiritually. Don't we owe to ourselves to get over our fears and #StopFeedingTheBeast...#StopFeedingTheBeast is me trying to create a consensus to my people black people about taking control of ourselves to the degree of controlling the narrative of the past 40 years. it is a movement to promote love with out any negative or compromising outside influence. #StopFeedingTheBeast is not a personal attack to the individual gangster or criminal influence individual. Its to talk about the behaviors that is associated with it and how the structures of racism use these individuals as pawns on a chess game, and i mean all systems here in America. So if we begin to allow ourselves to be a little open minded and start to take risks as a group(whole) then there is a big chance that here in california we can move upward and forward progressively in this competitive economic system of capitalism. Instead of just being the food for the BEAST(exploits of capitalism). Just know Black and or African Americans I LOVE You and i wont give up on us.


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