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My Name is John Michael Perry,a United Airlines Flight Attendant for over Two Decades.
My Solemn Creed while in Uniform, has always been,Being Predictable,Being The Solution,& Being the Gracious Brand of the Friendly Skies @ United Airlines!

I'm taking to the World Stage, after being Dismissed & Ignored on every level of Management,Human Resources & the CEO,Oscar, in trying to bring awareness to the Adverse Conditions amongst the Flight Attendant Community.

I'm now taking to the Masses asking everyone to Stand-up & Please Help in bring awareness & Change to the Toxic Mix of Discrimination,Retaliation,Intimidation,Bullying,Hate,&
Fatigue still on going for over 7 years after the Continental/United Merger, as Continental & United Flight Attendants are still Separated.

The attacking of Sub-United Airlines/Pre-Merger United Flight Attendants has got to Stop!

These Walls that were Erected after the Continental/United Merger,Separated Flight Attendants,which allowed United Management to Drag Flight Attendants Down the Airplane Isle of Shame!

A United Airlines Newark inflight Base Director advertently Discriminated & Clips my Wings as a Flight Attendant,for being A Sub-UA/Pre-Merger Flight Attendant,in addition Ignoring Medical Accommodations for PTSD,protected under the American Disabilities Act.
This United Airlines Newark Inflight Base Director ,Retaliated My Employment through Fault of a " No Fault" Attendance Policy which Accessed & Disciplined Points with Fault to AIDS,protected under the American Disabilities Act.

A Little bit about my Story: 
I'm a Victim to a Violent Hate Crime in New York City. One Particular Valentines Day I was Date Rape & Deliberately infected by the AIDS Virus. This Violent Act of Rage!Hate,& Fury still resides in Major Cities Today.
This Hate Crime Alienates,Isolates,& Erodes the Very Mind Body & Spirit of an Individual.
The very words of my Attackers still resonate in my Mind: " Infect the Faggot with AIDS"

The World is Asking, Oscar the CEO of United Airlines.

"How would you Feel,If?": as a Flight Attendant after a Merger,Walls immediately Separated Continental & United Flight Attendants,& these Very Walls Still ongoing for over 7 years,have Created a Hostile Working Environment, Discrimination,Retaliation,Termination& Fatigue?

- "How would One Feel,If?":being a Victim to a Violent Hate Crime,Infected with the AIDS Virus ,then Victimized by Fault to a No Fault Attendance Policy,Human Resources,& Management,Documenting One's Employment File & Medical Condition as inconsistent,a Failure,Lacking Merit,Unacceptable, Irresponsible,&Unprofessional.

-How would you feel if?": United Medical,& Administration Denied your FMLA,& Accessed & Disciplined Points towards One's Employment File under a No Fault Attendance Policy for having AIDS.

-How would you feel if?": United Management Dismissed a Medical Diagnosis & Accommodation for PTSD,(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)which was effecting Ones Duties as a Flight Attendant.

-How would you Feel,If?": One were Retaliated,against for being a Sub-UA/Pre-Merger United Flight Attendant,at the Hands of Previous Continental,employee now Acting United Inflight Manager.

-"How would one Feel,If": Ignored & Dismissed,by Human Resources after Filing a Company Compliance Compliant to investigate the Very Treatment Handed down by United Management,on the Basis of Discrimination,& Retaliation.

The Question in Moving Forward "what steps"will the CEO,Oscar & The Association of Flight Attendants take to Stop the Victimizing of Sub UA/ Pre-Merger Flight Attendants & Rendering Change?

Will United Airlines Do the Right Thing in overturning this Undeserved & Wrongful Termination,or Will United Airlines Fight to Retain a Policy which Victimizes Fault to an Individuals Disability, & Threatens Termination & Forces Employees," Return to Work" Under a Fixed Medical Leave, which Dictates to Medical Doctors to Write on Medical Certificates: "Return to Work,Full Duties with No Restrictions.

The Toxic & Hostile work Environment within the Flight Attendant Work Group Between Continental & United Flight Attendants must be Addressed!

This Toxic Blend of Hate,Bullying & Discrimination between Flight Attendants & Management,must Stop!

The Continental & United Flight Attendants for over 7 Years are still Separated!
The Wrongful& Undeserved Terminations must Stop!
Great Flight Attendants,like myself are being Victimized!

On Behalf of Myself & All other Flight Attendants whose Wings were Clipped & Terminated by Fault to this "NoFault"Attendant Policy,Stand Up!

This Video is a not Dress Rehearsal,but Showtime! 
United Airlines Please,Turn a Wrong into a Right! Admit Fault to a "No Fault" Policy, Because It's Never to Late to do the Right Thing!

Adversities should Catapult an individual,towards a place of Knowledge,Strength,& Love, moving Forward in Life's Journey.

I have been Attacked by Belligerent comments such as: "All Faggots & People with AIDS must Die"

A Company shouldn't stage an Adverse Situation ,as a means to Humiliate,Bully,Hate,Discriminate, & Infiltrate an Individuals Heart with Anxiety!,Hopelessness!,& Helplessness!,then Drag them down an aisle of Shame!

I'm reaching out to all Flight Attendant of the World to wear your Wings in the Clipped Hanging Position,Standing Tall for Crew Awareness & Change.

Turning Union Pins upside Down indicating Change to the International Association of Flight Attendants!

Reaching out to Airline Passengers of the World to Stand up & Voice your Opinion to the CEO of United Airlines Oscar Munoz,opposing the above Actions,& Requesting Reform to Policy's that Stage the Appearance to Discriminate,but Advertently Discriminate against All.

I'm Reaching out to the LBGT,GMHC,Communities to Bring Awareness to a Violent Hate Crime that Deliberately attacks & infects Individuals with the AIDS Virus!

Together We all will be the Solution!

Absolutely, No Victim should be Violated,& Retaliated Against.
Absolutely,No Victim should be Scarleting and Documented as Unacceptable,Irresponsible,Inconsistent,Unprofessional,Belligerent & Disruptive!

Kindness Extinguishes Hate!

Please,if you are a Victim to the "No Fault" Attendance Policy or have been Discriminated or Retaliated against at United Airlines for Being Sub-UA/ Pre-Merger Flight Attendant,moving forward notify the EEOC or Employment Lawyer.

Thank you,for your Time & Consideration.
"Stand Up"

John Michael Perry


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