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Nolton Schexnider is a seasoned IT Professional. He has more than 20 years with PCs and software including IT, Hardware, Software, OSs, Servers, DBs, Networks, Software Services and Cloud mainly in the Health and Oil and Gas Industries. #Schexnider #Nolton_Schexnider

He began his career in electronics working on medical devices for major health companies. He then started working as a software QA tester for software that was embedded in the medical devices and advanced to Software QA Engineer. He worked with software dev teams ensuring quality in Windows and Linux operating systems, networks, servers, and many software apps. Nolton Schexnider then became a QA Mgr at several companies where he lead teams of up to 10 people.

In his many roles, Nolton Schexnider worked with some of the largest corps and traveled throughout the United States and abroad. Some of the companies he worked for are IBM, Baxter Health, Abbott Labs, Allegiance Health, Siemens, Comdisco, Network Assoc McAffee, AT&T, Repsol and Shell.

Nolton Schexnider settled in Houston where he started working as a QA expert for Oil & Gas Software companies such as Petris Tech, Autotrol Tech and OpenSpirit Corp to name a few. After he was skilled working with oil and gas data, then he began to transition into other positions. Some examples are Technical Solutions and Seismic Data Loading at Repsol, and then a long career at Shell Exploration and Production in the following positions: Subsurface and Wells Software Cust Service, Petrophysics Workflow Consultant and currently working within a Software Services team.

Always up for a challenge, he is driven to advance his knowledge in Tech by learning in each position and pursuing training at every chance. At Shell he received cert training from OpenSpirit, Petroskills, Landmark, Halliburton, Schlumberger, Microsoft and ESRI.

Nolton Schexniders specialties include: IT skills, presentation, technical docs, Agile/Scrum, change mgmt, multitasking, communication and creative thinking.


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