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SITTY is a non-profit organization with the aim of facilitating the necessary discussion of improving humanity by promoting and displaying individual and group uniqueness.
Our mission focuses on the improving the lives of individuals and groups through the fostering of necessary discussions of how to value self and community. Through our vlogs and blogs, development and enrichment will be put at the forefront of discussion. In turn, increasing the accessibility of self, revitalizing community and increasing exposure of self to the world, resulting in a more immersed and healthy social climate.
Moreover, we conduct interviews or interactive workshops discussing various sociocultural factors pertaining to the value of self. We want the interviews and workshops to be a safe space for critical thought and discussion. We don't support censorship, the truth and authentic exposure is a necessity if we want to progress the "i" within the "we".
SITTY isn't just a non-profit organization, it is a movement that promotes and displays conscious uniqueness and addresses the methods of valuing self. We are all individuals, but our experiences and emotions are unique to ourself.

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