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My name is Iniece Payton and I am HIV Positive. I found out 11 years ago and since then I have been ashamed to do what I was created to do..reach out and share my stories with individuals that have traveled the emotional road I have traveled..and still travel. For 11 years I have wandered around in the darkness of shame and finally I flicked the switch and the thought of creating a space..a place where women of color such as myself can feel comfortable with expressing their day, their falls and triumphs.
This “#SISTA_NOMORESHAME” represents a voice, a community and family that can relate to one another in ways that women without HIV can’t. Although our lives are very much the same, our realities and sharing our lives are very much different.
This # is just that, a safe place where we can learn from one another and understand that the lives we live may not be as bad as we think…with support and a place to express..it can be a little bit easier.

Whole Heartedly

Iniece Payton


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