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My name is Rachael And my Fiancé name is Ashleigh. I am a travel tech in the hospital and she is a jack of all trades from a wonderful vegan chef , she builds wonderful things out of recycled items,pottery and so much more.. We own a trailer that we pull to the location where my next assignment is and we want to make this hashtag because while we are on our travels we are going to be painting rocks and placing them on our adventures around the world.. on the rock will include something like ...
most important A PICTURE- Name-Location where they found the rock- a message if they want :) with the hashtag of #RnAplantingseeds (Meaning Rachael and Ashleigh planting seeds) we thought it would be a beautiful thing to see a movement around the world of beautiful faces, nature and enjoying life.. it will be nice to see how many of us can be connected in such a positive energy way...


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