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#ReclaimDC is leading a movement of grassroots conservatives who are frustrated and angry at the GOP. We have a three point agenda that is below.

1. We are asking any and all republicans who are angry at the party for silencing the voice of the grassroots, progressive ideology in DC, and out right corruption to join us in a mass #gopexodus on September 15th.

2). The second phase is between now and the election is to present information on other third party candidates and invite them on to our weekly calls. We will not endorse but will provide well vetted information.

3). The final aspect is to have a long term discussion about the conservative movement and where it goes from this point forward. All options are on the table and will be explored and debated.

This is just the beginning of a very long journey and we hope you join us.

If your interested please go to www.reclaimdc.com and follow us on Twitter @reclaim_dc.



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