Righteousness, Justice and Peace

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When Righteousness begets Justice Peace reigns.

Best practice for becoming Righteous:
1. HUMBLE YOURSELF: Recognize the fact that under your own power you will never find true meaning, transcendence and happiness in your life, because you are sick, disordered, sub-optimized and to impoverished no matter what you do. In short you are a Sinner who cannot perfect yourself on your own. You are permanently, tragically missing something. You cannot attain your sincerely felt need to obtain your rightful divine status and to fulfill your divine destiny with all the wealth, power, education and self-help programs that will every exist in the world. And just STOP TRYING TO DO IT YOURSELF.
2. RECOGNIZE YOUR NEED FOR HEALING: Be willing to admit that you need help to be the optimized best-version-of-you you can be and ...
3. SEEK HELP: Go to Jesus, touch Him and let Him touch you; for real; in this life; on this mortal plain; NOW; where you live and work and play. Contact your local Catholic Parish or your most convenient Catholic friend or acquaintance for help starting the process to touch Jesus as often as you want or need at the Eucharist in the context of the Mass where Jesus is a real and present help for your healing, your meaning and your purpose in your life, no matter where you are along your journey or how far from the happiness of your divine purpose you feel you are. They will help you to:
B. BE PREPARED by learning the proper heart feel, the proper physical approach and the proper mindset to touch Jesus without harming yourself.
C. BE FREE to boldly go and touch the infinite, everliving God the Father by taking in His Son and taking on His nature within the provenance of His Holy Spirit. Be washed and ready for touching Jesus by confessing your sins, your shortcomings, your blockers that keep you from reaching your divine purpose and rob you of your ultimate meaning and happiness in life. Be reconciled to God, do the penance your priest gives you to make reparation for your shortfall, be relieved and be ready to have your life transformed by Jesus' touch.
D. BE CONFIRMED in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church which Jesus founded, himself, on St. Peter for the singular purpose of healing, feeding and perfecting us who are His most precious lambs so we might slake His thirst for the eternal fellowship of our souls and, in turn, extend His righteousness to the ends of the Earth and across the Universe.
E. BE TRANSFORMED by the simple acts of faithfully touching Jesus through the elements of the Bread and Wine of the Eucharist, thanking Jesus for deigning to touch you, a sinner, and expecting him to accomplish divine things through you in this world.
F. BE Divine: Be received into Heaven and into your ultimate divine purpose to live with Jesus to live with and enjoy Him forever and, thus, achieve true and everlasting eternal Happiness by repeating steps B, C and E as obliged and as often as you like, twice daily if you believe you need it and by doing the work for JUSTICE Jesus gives you when you meet him at the Eucharist table.
4. WORK FOR JUSTICE by following Jesus' lead in providing MERCY to those He puts in your pathway as you go about your day's work.

Best Practice for achieving Justice:
1. DO MERCY: Execute the 14 Acts of Mercy in your daily life.

Then you and I can and our neighbors will be at PEACE.

Melchizedek is the King of Righteousness, Justice and Peace who ministered to Abraham and visited him to consecrate his victory in defending the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah in the cause for ransoming and rescuing Lot and bringing Righteousness, Justice and Peace to his neighbor's land. Jesus Christ, Son of the Living Triune God Elohim and Son of Mary, Queen of the Universe and Mediatrix of all Graces is the King, the very High Priest and Grand Knight of the Order of Melchizedek, who visited us to consecrate the world unto himself and establish among us a mission of mercy for Mary's children: Namely to minister among ourselves and reach out to our resistant neighbors among all of the children of Eve so that we might extend His Kingdom of Righteousness, Justice and Peace to the ends of the Earth and throughout the Universe. Let us not grow weary in our well doing, even in the face of rampant xenophobic nationalism to complete the mission He has given to us. No Justice, No Peace. No Righteousness, No Justice. Let us turn to King Jesus and quench his thirst for peace and for the ransom of our souls as we work to minister mercifully to EACH and EVERYONE of our neighbors as we walk our pilgrim way together toward our reckoning with the Triune Elohim, Lord of the Universe together. #MAMMA Pray4Us and distribute to us the Graces to be good neighbors to each other as your Son, our Lord, Jesus has taught us. Amen.


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