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#ProudDaddyStatus reaches out to All fathers across the world who play active role in a child's life as their father looking for no reward or recognition from society. We are proud fathers because we love our children just as much as the mothers love their children. But we are separated from our partner we are left to fend for ourselves against our own government and the unjust system. We provide and we are there for our children but yet Society mixes in with the group of fathers were not there for their children and we are left unseen. We are reduced down to weekends vs days, and we are ordered to pay the price out of pocket for trying to be in our children's lives as if we are the only Soul Provider. We lose our homes we lose our jobs we are also imprisoned for not being able to meet our government demands of our finances verses the need for love for a child. So across the world our movement starts with this hashtag. Proud fathers stand tall! Let's stand up and fight for our rights we will not be walked on!


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