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OMICS International is pleased to announce its annual conferences 2015 and 2016. One of the premier annual conferences is Oil and Gas Expo.
Important highlights of the include topics like Latest Innovation in Upstream Process of Oil and Gas, Midstream Processes: Technology and Innovation, Uplifting Conventional and Non-Conventional Downstream Technologies, Impacts of Oil and Gas Industries, Petrochemicals, Oil and Gas Industries, Business Development and Investment Opportunities, Regulations and Ethics, Technological Advances, Advancement in Biofuels and Hydrocarbons: Potentials And Technical Challenges.
Oil Gas Expo-2015 attains greater global significance as the world economy has been developing with oil as its lifeblood for over a hundred years. Oil is directly responsible for about 2.5% of world GDP, but accounts for 1/3rd of humanity primary energy supply (>5 terawatts out of 15 terawatts total). It’s over half if you include natural gas.
Oil/gas powers 100% of all transportation, within a few significant figures of rounding error. Transportation, in turn, directly accounted for 1/6th of world GDP in 1997 and is heavily involved in every other type of economic activity. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that modern civilization would collapse in a matter of months if oil stopped flowing. Oil is about as important to the developed world as agriculture.
It is hard to imagine industrial operations or even private activities without oil and gas anywhere in the world. Not only do they supply energy for heat and power, they are also found in everyday items, such as medicines, plastics, and clothing.

During the period of 2009-2014, the global Oil and Gas market has generated about $5 trillion in revenue and has posted a strong growth of 11.9%. During the same period the U.S market generated $730 billion in revenue and has generated a growth of 7.6%.
Oil and gas are also important for the number of jobs they provide. Tens of thousands of people work in the oil and gas industry. Each week Britain produces about two million tonnes of oil and gas. This is worth about 37 million pounds a day to the people of Britain.
Currently, oil accounts for around 40 per cent of the world energy mix. Gas currently accounts for around 23 per cent of the world commercial energy mix.
Using the reference case from OPEC World Energy Model, projections show global oil demand rising by 38 million barrels a day to 115 mb/d by 2025 an annual average growth rate of 1.7 per cent.
OECD countries will continue to account for the largest share of world oil demand. However, almost three-quarters of the increase in demand of 38 mb/d over the period 2002–25 will come from developing countries, whose consumption will almost double. Asian countries will remain the key source of oil demand increase in the developing world, with China and India central to this growth.
At the global level, the transportation sector accounts for about 60 per cent of the rise in demand in 2000 to 25.
Turning to supply, overall non-OPEC output is expected to continue to increase, reaching a plateau of 55–57 mb/d in the post-2010 period. This represents an increase of 7 to 9 mb/d from 2002, although the eventual scale of this future expansion is subject to considerable uncertainty.
Oil and Gas Expo from November 17-19, 2015 at Dubai, UAE with a theme Innovative Technologies Boosting Oil And Gas Industries. UAE is hosting Oil Gas Expo-2015 as in the northern emirates, by far the largest market for gas is Dubai, the trading and commercial hub of the UAE and the Gulf region as a whole.
UAE Oil and Gas, an Environmentally Sound Future Having established itself as one of the major players in the international oil and gas industry and an innovator in intra-Gulf cooperation, the UAE is setting its sights on responsible, secure and environmentally safe development in the century ahead. Despite the fact that the role of gas is increasing fast, the UAE does not believe that the oil era is over or that its demise is imminent. Nevertheless, leading figures in the UAE oil industry believe that further study is needed to see how the continued expanded use of oil as a power source could be made to be compatible with the growing awareness and concern around the world about preserving the environment
Middle East has two thirds of the world s proven oil reserves and they are relatively low cost to develop. The gasoline and diesel fuels which are refined from these crude oils are reliable, cheap and efficient, with a long successful track record

Open Minded International Conferences (OMICS) are determined to put forth a platform for eminent personalities to share their expertise and research at Oil Gas expo-2015, Dubai.


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