Marijuana Election Night 2016

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CannabisRadio.com Presents Marijuana Election Night 2016, a live coast to coast broadcast bringing you coverage of the top marijuana law reform initiatives being voted on across the country. This broadcast will feature notable celebrities, current lawmakers along with those running for office and cannabis reform leaders from every major reform group in the U.S. Tell a friend, and share your support by using our hashtag: #MJElectionNight


  • @Cannaradio Cannabis Radio
    https://t.co/eYmeDOeXvP is now the worlds largest cannabis radio and podcast network. Log On - Tune In - Check It Out https://t.co/qwcsKCF12w
  • @WizKaliko Kaliko Castille
    Brand Strategist in marijuana industry. Work w/ @CannaRadio & @WeedHorn_Media Support @BernieSanders for President. Tweet about #weed, #reggae & #politics.
  • @RadicalRuss Russ Belville
    Talk radio host, marijuana reform activist, musician, writer & public speaker. Join me for The Russ Belville Show at https://t.co/eYmeDOeXvP


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