Mirrors to Windows: Change your view to see God's true romance

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Ladies, we all share the same desires to be loved and called lovely. But chances are, true love and true beauty cannot be perceived or experienced from your current point of view.

The dangers of a poor or false self-image are serious. Many young ladies are driven to the brink of self-destruction by their impaired judgment, desire to be loved, and longing for true security. Katie Messer knows all too well about such toxic thoughts, about how it felt being trapped in her own "plastic prison" and about the dark roads she traveled in hopes of finding a love that seemed too good to be true. Yet all the while, a True Love was waiting for her to return.

In Mirrors to Windows, Katie demonstrates a simple but dynamic change of viewpoint. Stop fixating on the internal (Mirrors): self-image, perceived needs, insatiable longing for acceptance and love. Instead, steer your eyes outward (Windows), and you will see with clarity that the best life and the truest love have been waiting for you all along.

God is waiting to blow the roof off your expectations and desires. It is God who saves, God who redeems, and God who takes all demented attempts of our own searching and striving for happiness and belonging and turns it into something truly beautiful as we embrace the Cross of Christ and His divine calling.

Launching on Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com July 23rd 2015
Available now for preorder!


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