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  • European Society of Lifestyle Medicine


Research, Prevention and Treatment of chronic, lifestyle-related Diseases. Related News, Projects, Events and People.


  • @ESLMorg Lifestyle Medicine
    European Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Non-profit scientific NGO âºResearch âºPrevention âºTreatment of Noncommunicable Diseases & Lifestyle-related Diseases
  • @LMJournal theLMJ
    Peer-reviewed scientific journal Lifestyle Medicine ⺠Research ⺠Prevention ⺠Treatment of Noncommunicable Diseases #NCDs
  • @arkadianos Dr. I. Arkadianos MD
    Vice President at European Society of Lifestyle Medicine, Prevention, Obesity, Nutrigenomics, Lifestyle Medicine, SCOPE Certified from WOF (formely IASO)
  • @MichaelSagnerMD Michael Sagner M.D.
    Medical Doctor: Preventive Medicine & Sports Medicine Specialist. For longer, healthier, happier Lives. President European Society of Lifestyle Medicine


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