Designing for Baby Boomers and Patients

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Living Labs enables innovative designers, brands, providers and professionals to connect with, learn from and teach the hundreds of millions of 65+ Baby Boomers aka War Babies around the world, younger patients and caregivers with similar needs, to co-create innovative spaces, products and experiences that enable better lives for your community and better business for you. Through knowledge you can become exceptional at serving this tremendous market. The chat is part of the ongoing discussion among creators and users to get the best products into the lives of those who need them now- faster and cheaper. While learning from international experts in dozens of fields to seeing working innovations live from event or location, everyone can learn not only what must be done for safer, healthier and better designed homes, public policy, business and leisure, but also what is or can become loved. The larger movement of content hubs, communities, marketplaces, mobile labs and extensive multi, social media provides endless opportunities for professional development and finding personal solutions. We follow the basics of Living Labs around the world: community, co-creation, implementation in real world circumstances, and evaluation. This gives Boomers and patients the beauty, dignity and independence they deserve while enabling even single product startups to compete effectively within relevant and need-to-know information and resource guides. The chat itself highlights the best examples of leaders in health + design, initiatives around the world, and innovations from garage to multi-million dollar manufacturing plant. Together we can solve critical challenges and have fun doing it!


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