What is #IRememberNicole?

'I Remember Nicole' Song/Music Video/Call to Action! Mission: In viewing, I Remember Nicole, your loved one may see herself in the faces of the hundreds of women no longer afraid. She may hear her life in the lyrics. Our hope is that, I Remember Nicole will help her find her own voice. And ultimately, be empowered to turn her life around. I Remember Nicole sparks conversation. I Remember Nicole raises awareness on Intimate Partner Violence. I Remember Nicole encourages reaching out, lending an ear, a shoulder, a helping hand to a loved one suspected of being abused. Why a song and music video? (Run time: 4 minutes) Songs represent milestones throughout our lives and touch our soul. They influence our heart and seem to give us the message we need at just the right time. #IRememberNicole is a metaphor for the highly publicized domestic violence story of Nicole Brown Simpson. June 12, 2019 marks the 25th Anniversary of her murder. Never forget the victims. #NoMoreNicoles

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Renee Sotile & Mj Godges I Remember Nicole
A Global Anthem Reclaiming Power Over Domestic Violence. Raising Awareness while Raising the Roof!

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