Friends and Family of SuperStar Brian Justin Crum

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One of the top 7 favorites of 2016's season of America's Got Talent" - artist Brian Justin Crum represents ALL of us - not just LGBTQ people, (Brian came out as Gay on the show) but EVERYONE who was or has EVER been bullied, felt different or out of place because of gender, identity, weight or other "non-conforming" social ideology. Those of us (like Brian) choose NOT to conform - but, instead, embrace ourselves as unique individuals whom Goddess/God/Insert-your-Omnipant-Being-or-Belief-Here created in It's own image. Brian successfully and relentlessly communicates love and acceptance of himself, as well as his fellow human kind through his music, sharing heart-wrenching renditions of his favorite songs that are guaranteed to leave you speechless. If you DON'T become an instant fan after listening to his rendition of "Creep" by the group "Radio Head", you aren't human. PS - We need a fan group for Brian's Momma, 'cause she's just like my Momma and Brian's Mom ROCKS!!!


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