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Charity's Pop Song brings Hope and Public Awareness to the Chronic Pain Community

The International Pain Foundation (iPain) is releasing an empowering pop song accompanied by a music video spotlighting the struggling life of chronic pain patients.

“HOPE IS TRUE” by iPain, was created with the assistance of some of the most illustrious talent in today’s music and film industries. Executive Producer and iPain supporter, Ryan Young brought on the help and talent of Emmy nominated songwriter William J. Fuller to write "HOPE IS TRUE" along with highly decorated music producer Alex Geringas to produce the foundation's song. William J. Fuller is currently featured on a rap in a song with Jesse J. in Ice Age 5 in theaters now, credited under his artist name, Tha Vill.

The music video featuring THE SILHOUETTES® and Lynne Waggoner-Patton, was filmed in Aurora, CO, by award winning producer and Director Emileigh Barrett (WhoisEmileigh Productions), whose recent work was selected into the Short Film Corner at this year’s 69th Cannes Film Festival. VFX Producer Tim Ingle's (Intellectric) work has received Primetime Emmy Awards and has been nominated for BAFTAs, Critics Choice, and Kid's Choice Awards.

“HOPE IS TRUE” will officially launch on September 1, 2016, for purchase on iTunes and other music outlets worldwide. The music video will be available to watch on iPain’s YouTube channel.

“Chronic pain affects 1 in 7 globally, so it's bound to affect you or someone you know,” says iPain’s President Barby Ingle. “We needed a way to have the voice of pain patients be heard. International Pain Foundation has developed the Music Moves Awareness project to do just that.”

As well as raising awareness of the daily challenges people living with chronic pain face, iPain’s song features a catchy beat listeners will adore and sing along to. This uplifting tune will introduce the issue to millions of viewers and listeners around the world.

It is also hoped that our HIT song will inspire and empower the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain in the process, particularly by shining a spotlight on chronic pain with the accompanying patient featurette stories, which can be found on the iPain website.

Patients need better access to care. iPain will be using music – particularly this new song – as a key component to reach the world about chronic pain issues socially, cognitively, physically, emotionally, and developmentally.

When utilized effectively, music is an incredibly powerful treatment as it is fun, relaxing, and motivating. It has a profound impact on the human brain and how the body functions and is an excellent medium to reach the public, share patient stories, and to enhance personal empowerment.

One in three people (more than 100 million) in the United States are affected with a condition that causes chronic pain – a number that is approaching 700 million worldwide, according to the Committee on Global Humanitarian Outreach. Yet chronic pain is also a real issue for those who do not suffer from it. The cost of chronic pain for the US public is $635 billion dollars in lost productivity, lost wages, and healthcare fees. The situation is so serious that the Department of Health & Human Services has declared it a public health crisis and has mandated that a National Pain Strategy be formulated.

About iPain
iPain supports the notion that chronic pain is a real and complex disease that exists either by itself or it can be linked with other medical conditions. As a charity, it campaigns for effective pain care through an array of treatment options, which are widely inaccessible. It also underlines that chronic pain is an unrecognized and under-resourced public health crisis with devastating personal and economic impacts. Most importantly, it operates under the belief that allowing people to suffer with unmanaged pain is immoral and unethical.

Media Contact Information:
International Pain Foundation
Barby Ingle


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