Gabriel's Trumpet...Screenplay about True Friends & what they wouldn't do for the other.

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A screenplay both viable for a movie; series of movies and/or television series. It's OF MICE AND MEN meets THELMA AND LOUISE...set in 1980's Texas; two small town friends attempt a weekend outing that unfolds into a deadly Texas Police Justice odyssey thriller to the end. Could any of us remain true to our lifelong friend no matter the pressure?

Written by an Indie book and screenplay author who wishes she could be the altruistic friends the screen must see in the two main actors in this film. Low budget - HIGH ROI for investors. This 94 minute movie WILL generate numerous high profile awards and is worthy of Ace Actors to consider. It's a Keeper like Steel Magnolia's, Fried Green Tomatoes and Forrest Gump.


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