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Ravi Singh has been called the "Campaign Guru" by Business Week and USA Today. He is known for coaching corporate executives, celebrities, and organizations. Ravi understands the full potential and importance of digital marketing and social media in today's competitive environments. His work gives enterprises the edge that sets them apart from competitors.

Founder of CampaignGuru.com, Ravi is a Sikh American born Internet pioneer known for his passion for writing, inventing exciting new technologies, and creating successful startups. He has worked in over 21 countries and assisted more than nine heads of state.

He continues to consult, lecture and teach social media strategy, e-democracy, and online politics worldwide.

Ravi Singh earned his BS from Valparaiso University and MA from Northwestern University. He is currently pursuing an MS from Liberty University in Social Media. He is also working on a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Social Media and Technology at the University of The Rockies in Denver. Additionally he is pursuing certificates in digital marketing, leadership, and management at MIT, Harvard, Duke, and Pepperdine.

When not working, Ravi enjoys playing golf and serving his community as a volunteer. He is social media strategist for City Year, a nonprofit that helps kids stay in school.


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