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Meaning: CADILIC, adj.

A distinctive characteristic of people, preferences, outlook, places and things that are emblematic of the personality traits of admirers or owners of the luxury-sport car that is the most prestigious brand of General Motors, CADILLAC. Admires or owners of this brand tend to be suavity in manner or style; sophisticated, stylish, graceful, tasteful, sophisticated, classic, chic, smart, fashionable, modish; refined, gracious, dignified, poised, beautiful, lovely, charming, artistic, aesthetic; cultivated, polished, cultured; dashing, debonair, suave, urbane, inventive, creative, imaginative, original, innovative, pioneering, resourceful, enterprising, inspired; clever, intelligent, smart, brilliant, masterly, talented, gifted, skillful; astute, sharp-witted, quick-witted, shrewd; elaborate, sophisticated, worldly-wise, experienced, enlightened, cosmopolitan, knowledgeable; urbane, cultured, cultivated, polished, refined; elegant, stylish; or very, very
cool, sophisticated, debonair, worldly, cultivated, cultured, cosmopolitan; smooth, polished, refined, self-possessed; courteous, polite, well mannered, mannerly, civil, charming, and, gallant.

Anything that is an outstanding example of its kind, especially in terms of appearance, attitude, style, luxury, power, quality, or size.

Example: John�s and Jane�s �� personality and tastes are widely regarded as being very CADILIC�.


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