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Authorized Biography of Cliven Bundy
THE BOOK: In the shocking, yet true, story as told to the author, with twists and turns, highs and lows of intrigue and common sense of the life of one man, his devoted family, and fellow patriots that are only matched by our Founding Fathers.
Domestic Terrorist or American Patriot?
Cliven Bundy, the Federal Government treats him as a domestic terrorist; the media characterizes him as a gun-toting militia-wacko to sensationalize these events, not to report the truth.
He's been incarcerated in a Federal lockup, along with 18 others, charged since February 2016.

Because Cliven and his family are the remaining few who peacefully stand up for his, his family's and all western ranchers and farmers Constitutional Property rights.

Now, for the first time, Cliven Bundy tells his story to author Michael Stickler while behind the razor wire fences of Federal lockup. Stickler spent over 60 days documenting Bundy's side of the conflict that led over 200 Federal agents in full tactical gear armed for civil war to seize, sell, and destroy his cattle acting well beyond their judicial warrant. The standoff made international news, creating a rally cry, No, Hell NO! that brought thousands of Americans from across the country who came to the Bundy Ranch in April 2014.

In the soon-to-be-released book, Cliven Bundy American Patriot, Stickler chronicles Bundy's two decade battle against governmental overreach and abusive practices by the Bureau of Land Management and the FBI -- and the cowardice of the local law enforcement whose job it is to protect its citizens from all such intrusions into the citizens rights they are sworn to protect, whether foreign and domestic. In his lifetime, Cliven watched his friends and neighbors pushed off the land they loved and pushed out of the livelihoods they inherited from their ancestors who settled the West. As the last ranching family left, the Bundys made a patriotic, historic, and righteous stand against a government who, as Cliven sees it, constantly violates our constitutional rights.

This is the protracted conflict that led to the government to charging 19 innocent citizens with manufactured Federal crimes and their incarceration and denial of due process to their case.

In this book, Cliven explains:
His rights to graze his cattle on the open range of Nevada and how these rights extend clear back to the 1870's when his ranch was still a part of the Arizona Territory. How his ancestors were some of the first settlers of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, contributing greatly to the establishment of all three states. How over the past century, his family has developed all the range improvements on the land in which he has grazing rights. That he owns the water rights and that his family has worked to manage the land and husband its ecology for over 160 years to the benefit of future generations. Finally,
he details the events that led to the famous standoff catching the world attention and the Departments of Justice and Interior's ire.

Plus, Cliven gives his personal account of the life lost, and the continued costs that the Bundy19 endure as they continue to sacrificed their livelihoods and freedom, while they shout,

"We The People declare: NO! and ENOUGH! Not in the country we love!"

The Bundy name is celebrated by ranchers and farmers in the West; but, has become anathema to those ensconced in Washington which work to arrest the coming wildfire of the honest examination of the long time Federal assertion of land ownership and management irrespective of the citizens Constitutional rights and guarantees across the West's vast agricultural sector that feeds the world.

Author Michael Stickler (MikeStickler.net) describes the intense hardships the Bundy 19 experience from the oppression and danger that continues in the government's private contract prison where the they are held:
without bail month after month all an effort to break their spirit and manipulate each of them to accept a deal

... a "deal" to plead guilty to crimes that did not exist and that they did NOT commit.

It's a burden that weighs heavily upon Cliven's heart as he shares his personal inner fears and hopes for the future.

Soon to be available at bookstores; online at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble or ClivenBundyAmericanPatriot.com


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