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This is a BigBlueLever Initiative -- Help Mercy Abound by joining our POPMercy hive.

What if we had a lever of infinite length and direction held by an infinitely strong fulcrum and operated by an infinitely strong arm?

Just imagine the Rainbow of Love that would shine down on us all.

Join us and find out what we can do together.

MAKE THE RAINBOW CONNECTION: Sign up by emailing BigBlueLever@gmail.com or tweeting "Sign Me Up 4 POPMecy" to #BigBlueLever

Our first POPMecy squad oriented service called "TheMercyWagon" is currently in Pilot Recruitment mode for Raleigh, NC only.

This is a fairly simple concept, but a very powerful service, because it is modeled after St. Teresa of Kolkata's Design for the Missionaries of Charity and has been adapted to be fully run by lay volunteers of any faith tradition or any tradition of peaceful mindedness in slightly more affluent social contexts.

It is also designed to work as a cooperative arm of such orders and other charitable groups, should the needs arise. Initially, we will deploy one Teams known as a 3Bee team, in the MicroPark sponsored by Deco in downtown Raleigh, because we will go out as groups of three "bees" to provide the most merciful assistance possible: food, water, clothing, shelter referral, healthcare signup and referral, job training and search assistance and encouragement of the spirit. As time goes on, we will acquire food trucks and deploy to more areas as team muster and metroplex demand expands.

Teams will carry with them: Pens, sticky notes, at least one working smartphone, a #MAMMA MercyMe poster, a #MAMMA THX poster]

The team will have one captain and all members will rotate among the roles: Greeter, Sweeper and Runner. The Greeter greets people, gives general explanations and asks the key questions, "How could we best be mindful of you? How could we best help?". The Sweeper listens to detailed stories and mindfulness requests and helps people write and put up sticky notes on one of the #RJP (Righteousness, Justice and Peace) Issues and Ideas poster, the #MAMMA MercyMe requests or the #MAMMA THX. The Runner will transfer the sticky note information to #BigBlueLever tweets for #RJP notes, #MAMMA tweets for #MAMMA notes from both #MAMMA posters, and make runs for extra supplies should the team run low.

JammieCakes (Acts of Mercy to reckon RJP) Combers will "stay home in the hive and make honey" by sweeping the #BigBlueLever feed at twubs.com/BigBlueLever. This is where we will use the power of both social media and crowdsourcing. Certain posts will appeal to certain Combers, but no one Comber will need to process all of them. Some Combers will be mindful or pray, some will provide assistance and some will "know a guy or a gal" who can help. The Combers will then coordinate with the appropriate 3Bee teams to ensure the matching acts of charity make it to the corresponding neighbors in need. All will follow up with the neighbors helped as necessary and document progress, next steps, add-ons, closures, etc. using #BigBlueLever. To keep tweets filterable and orderly, they will have the following format: #BigBlueLever #3Bee[team-number] #RJP 4[initials-or-avatar-of-neighbor] [need, process step, action, thanks etc.].

Additional support for ancillary communication channels will also be developed over time.

To sign up FREE, emaIl BigBlueLever@gmail.com.


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