Break The Internet With Our Books #BTIWOB

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If celebrities like Kim Kardashian can break the internet with her naked pictures, why can't we do so with our books? All of us can be successful with this event and here is how we do it. First, we follow each other on Twitter. The more, the merrier. Second, on 12/18/15 at Ten am, eastern time, we all make a tweet advertising our books. Third, we all favorite each of those participating in this events tweet and "retweet" them, at least three times throughout the day. The more authors we get to participate, the more of a reach and trend we will create for each other. We all have something to gain and nothing to lose by doing this. Let's join, support each other, and break the internet!!!
*Remember, we will get out of this, what we put in. This will only work if we work together and support equally.


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