30 Clients in 30 Days Challenge!

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Join the challenge to encourage and light your fire in getting new clients to take you through the Summer slow-down!

Let's step out of the box and get clients through your door. More abundance for you, more help for those who need it.

To join the group go to keystoclarity.com/30days

The goal: to get 30 consultations or strategy sessions set up with potential clients within the 30 day period. These will count as part of your 30 if they take place outside of the 30 day period, but are booked during the 30 days.
We'll be discussing strategies, supporting each other on the wall of our special Facebook group, having calls to give you a spectacular LIFT OFF and guidance on steps to take - all for FREE. :)

All you need to do, is be committed to the challenge. So what is it exactly?

AIM: To book 30 client strategy sessions or consultations during the 30 day challenge. Whether these actually take place in or out of the 30 day period does not matter. Just get them booked!

RESULT: If you do this, chances are you'll have at least 3-5 new clients. And this is me being conservative. If your enrollment skills are top notch it could be 15!


  • @keystoclarity Louise Crooks
    Biz Coach 2 Soulopreneurs~coaches, healers & transformative authors! KeystoClarity! Radio host, Facebook strategist, & spiritual explorer. http://t.co/NIxIxrbv


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